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Your Child Needs Headgear is a pamphlet in The Ugly Truth handed to Frank Heffley in Dr. Kagan's office.

Kagan claimed that Greg Heffley needed to wear headgear 24/7 after he bit Dr. Kagan his visit to his dentist. Though it is supposed to be helpful to Greg's supposed overbite, Greg thinks Dr. Kagan is trying to ruin his social life because he told Greg that he especially needs to wear it during the day at school. However, Greg couldn't find the headgear the next day but didn't mind it. [1]

Greg noticed a few days later that his little brother got hold of it after a day and a half when he caught him wearing his headgear. Greg did not care about what Dr. Kagan says because there's no way he's putting it on again.[2]




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