Xtreme Sk8ters is a comic about skateboarders. Not much is known about this comic. Extreme Sk8ers has 2 characters: a stick person with a white helmet and one with a black helmet. The one with the white helmet always dares the one with a black helmet to do some sort of dangerous skating trick. The black one does the dare, gets seriously injured, and finishes with a punchline. In Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book, the white-helmeted stick figure dares the black-helmeted stick figure to ollie over a rock, which is positioned off the edge of a cliff. He fails and loses his head, but throws the punch line of being glad he had a helmet on. It also appears to have spelling mistakes. The creator of this comic is unknown.



  • This comic was likely rejected due to uncensored, but bloodless, decapitation and mediocre drawings. 
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