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Xtreme Sk8ers is a comic about skateboarders that appears in Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book.

Xtreme Sk8ers stars stick figures on skateboards and always involves one doing a dangerous skating trick. The stick figure in question always gets seriously injured and finishes with a punchline. The comic contains numerous spelling mistakes, and its creator is unknown.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

Greg notes a pile of comics, one containing Xtreme Sk8ers, from other kids who are trying out for the school newspaper cartoonist. He says that he isn't too worried about the competition as most of the comics are pretty bad.[1]

Known comics[]

Comic 1[]

A stick figure with a helmet says that he is going to do a jump, and a stick figure without a helmet warns him of a telephone wire that is stretched across his path. He does the jump successfully, but is decapitated by the wire. After his head lands on the ground, he says that he is glad he wore his helmet.

Comic 2[]

The white-helmeted stick figure dares the black-helmeted stick figure to ollie over a rock, which is positioned off the edge of a cliff. He ollies over it and falls off the cliff, but reminds the other stick figure that he still owes him fifty cents.

Comic 3[]

The two stick figures cheat at each other, and the other one skids and fell to the ground.

Comic 4[]

As the two stick figures are cheating, the guy escapes and jumps to the ground, falling to the ocean below.


  • This comic was likely rejected due to the uncensored, but bloodless, decapitation and mediocre drawings.



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