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Nobody has ever beat Xiao Cheng in ANY competition. But I figure someone's going to get lucky and beat him, and it might as well be me.
Greg imagining himself being Xiao Cheng in a gaming competition

Xiao Cheng is a professional video game player who has never been beaten before even beating seven nationally-ranked Deathmatch players at the same time. He only appears in the online book.[1]

When Greg Heffley visited Electronics Hut to return some video games he sees a poster for a gaming tournament where the winner gets 50 dollars and a chance to face off against Xiao Cheng. Greg has always been dreaming to become the first to beat him and seeing the opportunity, he signs up, though Greg doesn't manage to because of his parents finding out about Rodrick's party and punishing both of them.


  • It is very likely that Xiao Cheng is of Chinese descent, given his name and appearance.
  • Xiao Cheng's name in Chinese is 小程 or 小成, which roughly translates to "little town".