The Winter Talent Show (known in the film as Plainview's Most Talented) was a talent show held in Rodrick Rules. Rowley was paired up with Scotty Douglas, but due to a prank gone wrong done by Greg, he was forced to fill in as Scotty's partner. Löded Diper made the cut, however, Greg and Scotty were the only act not to make it into the talent show.

The talent show ended up going on way longer than it should've, and they eventually started running two acts at the same time to keep it moving—this ended up having mixed results, as sometimes the acts worked really well together while other times it didn't. The last act was of Löded Diper, they were paired up with Harry Gilbertson ("Tyler Murphy" in the original online version). After the show as over, they handed awards, with Harry getting an award for "Best Musical Act" and Rowley's babysitter, Leland, being given the grand prize for his ventriloquism act.

During Rodrick's performance, Greg had refused to record so Susan volunteered, Susan kept dancing when Rodrick's band played and the recorder zoomed the camera at Susan. The Video became famous as "Dancing Mom" all over the internet, this made Rodrick hide in his room until it all blew over. Here are the people who acted:


  • It's a combined talent show between the elementary school, the middle school, and the high school, which could mean that there were originally three separate talent shows for each of the schools. It's unknown who decided to combine all three schools together for one big talent show.



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