FANDOM is a an official site that has things related to Wimpy Kid series and merchadie of Wimpy kid series, etc.


  • A slider on the front page keeps track of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid news. Three subjects can be featured with a picture above and a paragraph below.

The Latest


  • A list of the books going down the side of the page.

The Author

  • A mini-bio about the author of the series, Jeff Kinney.

The Books

  • An info page about the books.

Check It Out

  • The page for The Rolling Party Tour Map.


  • Where Jeff Kinney will be meeting people next.

Cool Stuff

This is a list of all the features.

Wimp Yourself.

Main article: Wimp Yourself is a site created by Jeff Kinney where a user can make their own Wimpy Kid characters.

Movie Website

A link to the website about the movies.

Wimpy Kid On Poptropica

Main article: Wimpy Wonderland

Wimpy Wallpaper

Not released yet, it says "Coming Soon"

Joshie's Latest

The "Joshie Says" song by Joshie

Wimpy Kid Stuff

A place to check merchandise, games, T-shirts, Mini-action figures and all other kinds of merchandies.



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