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The Wimpy Kid: Double Down Global Tour is the 2nd Global tour of Jeff Kinney. For the 2015 Global tour, See Wimpy Kid: Old School Global Tour

Tour Locations and Dates [1][]

All dates are in the year 2016

Washington, DC-November 1st

London, England-November 3rd

Hamburg and Berling, Germany-November 5th

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel-November 8th

Salt Lake CIty-November 15th

Los Angeles, CA-November 16th

San Diego, CA-Mira Mesa Market Center-November 17th

San Fransisco, CA-November 18th

Sacremento, CA-November 19th

Seattle, WA-November 20th

Vancouver, BC, Canada-November 21st

Paris, France-December 2nd

Dehli, New Dehli, and Mumbai, India-December 4th

Manila, Philippines-December 10th

Seoul, South Korea-December 13th


During book 11's virtually live event where book 11's title, cover and color where announced, during the interview Jeff Kinney did during the event, he spoke of a tour that will be in 11 new countries. It is currently unknown when this tour will happen and which countries it will be in, but Jeff Kinney said it woul be in 11 "new" countries after speaking about book 10, old school's global tour meaning the 11 "new" countries are countries he did not go to in book 10's global tour. It was confirmed when the tour dates were announced. A lot more tours locations in North America were announced, compared to the previous global tour with only 1 in New York City. Jeff Kineny stated the tour would be in 11 new countries at the virtually live event, but announced tour dates in only 4 new countries (France, Philipines, South Korea and Canada).