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Wimp Yourself is a site created by Jeff Kinney where a user can make custom Wimpy Kid characters.

It released in 2010 to celebrate the release of the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie - this version had two bases; one of which is Greg Heffley, and the other is Holly Hills. After the user chose their body base they can customise their avatar in a variety of hairstyles, eyes, glasses, noses, mouths, face shapes (beards for male), shirts, pants, shoes, accessories, and backpacks (there are different options for male and female bases). After the user finishes their avatar they can take pictures of it in many different scenery such as the beach.

The website became defunct sometime after the first three live-action movies, but was later restored as a promotion for The Long Haul film. This version instead had four bases; two of which are male and two of which are female. In the Long Haul one, you go on the website and click on "Wimp your family", then choose a family member you have or use your own. Other than the new bases the website was almost the exact same just with more polish.

In March 2022, the site temporarily went offline again and it redirected to disney.com. But it was restored on the Wimpy Kid website after the Rodrick Rüles 2022 film released. The new one is the exact same as The Long Haul version instead without all the advertising.