The Whirley Street Kids are a group of kids that live on Whirley Street, and are rivals of Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson.

However, Lenwood Heath changed when he was forced to go to Spag Union.

Greg and Rowley are always trying to ambush or prank them, but they always get pranked instead. In Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Greg and Rowley make a huge snowball and plan to run down the Whirley Street kids with it, but Frank Heffley destroys the snowball with a snow shovel after Greg ruins Manny's miniature snowman. While Greg and Rowley were thoroughly entrenched in an argument over why the snowball was destroyed, the Whirley Street kids threw snowballs at them while sledding down the hill.

In The Last Straw, Greg and Rowley's bus route is rerouted to Whirley street, forcing the kids in Greg's neighborhood to walk to school on foot. The Whirley Street kids make monkey noises when passing them, because Greg and Rowley used to do the same thing to them.

Known Whirley Street Kids



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