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Whirley Street (known as Whirley Drive in the online book) is a street adjacent and minor antagonist to Surrey Street in Greg Heffley's neighborhood. Not much is known about this street. It appears throughout the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid164

Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

Greg and Rowley Jefferson plan to roll a huge snowball towards kids from Whirley Street as revenge for using Surrey Street's hill and not their own. While Greg and Rowley argued over their destroyed snowball, the Whirley Street kids ambushed them with snowballs.[1]

The Last Straw[]

Greg and Rowley's bus route is rerouted to Whirley street, forcing the kids in Greg's neighborhood to walk to school on foot. The Whirley Street kids make monkey noises when passing them because Greg and Rowley used to do the same thing to them.

The Meltdown[]

It is revealed by Greg that they relocated their sledding hill to Hole 13 of the country club golf course. Greg and Rowley tried to avoid walking home by getting on their school bus, but after a kid threw a snowball, the driver refused to go anywhere until someone stepped forward. After Greg and Rowley were discovered, everyone pointed fingers at them, and they were kicked off and chased into the woods. Later, they fought in the Battle of Surrey Street and escalated the battle further. It was only when the Mingo Kids entered the battle that they joined forces with the Upper and Lower Surrey Street kids and the Safety Patrols as they hated the Mingos even more than the rest.

Wrecking Ball[]

Greg is shocked to see a guy from Whirley Street takes the trash into the truck

While Greg was having a yard sale, a pickup truck pulled up and a guy from Whirley Street started piling Greg's stuff in the back because he thought since tomorrow was trash day, the stuff by the curb was up for grabs. Later in the book, the same guy pulled up right in front of Greg's house and took the furniture the movers left by the curb because it was Sunday, the day the Heffleys leave their trash out.



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