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Wayne Barnes is the bass guitarist of Metallichihuahua and a former security guard of Hipp 'O' Henry's before rejoining his bandmates in Diper Överlöde.

He immediately gets suspicious of Greg Heffley and Bill Walter as they entered Hipp 'O' Henry's. He follows them around but loses track of them, giving Greg and Bill the opportunity to take the drumsticks from the animatronic.[1] After retracing their shrieks, he gives them the chase but much to his dismay, they escape his grasp with Löded Diper's ice cream truck.[2]

At the Battle of the Bands, he observes as a fan of the many performing bands until he spots a former bandmate of his, Stewart Taylor Jr., delivering a legal letter to Löded Diper. He went up stage to argue with Stewart, which brings attention to the rest of their bandmates. Once the crowd realizes all Metallichihuahua members were on stage together, they cheered and Wayne performs along his band, winning the competition and presumably reformed.[3]




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