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To give you an idea of what Ward is like, he's the kind of guy who believes professional wrestling is real. And you don't want to tell him the truth, because you would probably take away his only reason to live.
Greg describing Ward in the online book

Ward is one of Rodrick Heffley's friends who formerly worked as Löded Diper's security guard and who joined the band in Diper Överlöde. He appears in both the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series and the online book.


Rodrick Rules[]

Ward plays mostly minor roles, such as watching horror movies with Rodrick for a school project, attending a party at his house, and providing security when Löded Diper plays at the Winter Talent Show.

The Last Straw[]

When Greg Heffley is hiding in Rodrick's room, he overhears a phone conversation between him and Ward, where they get into a heated argument over whether a person can throw up while standing on their head before his phone battery dies.

Dog Days[]

Ward makes a cameo at a camp for a concert during the time Rodrick met Bill Walter.[1]

The Ugly Truth[]

In one of the pictures on page 16, he can be shown next to Rodrick.

The Deep End[]

When Susan Heffley locks Greg and Rodrick's devices in The Vault, Ward's message is shown on Rodrick's phone.[2]

Diper Överlöde[]

The band got Ward to drive their ice cream truck so all of them could play music from the roof while Ward drives around town.[3]

Ward was asked to help with Löded Diper move their equipment for their first show in years at the The Headless Chicken. But Ward will only accept the job if they made him a full time member of the band.[4]

Diper Överlöde194

After every member of Löded Diper quits, Rodrick tries to train Ward along with Greg and Drew's brother to play Diper Överlöde in hopes of winning the Battle of the Bands. But none of them made any progress after three days of rehearsing. He also tries to teach them to appear properly on stage.[5]

On the day of the competition, Ward helped load up Rodrick's van with band equipment. Ward gets to enjoy lip-synching a pre-recording of Diper Överlöde during Löded Diper performance. But they were caught after Ward tries to synch in the moment Bill drinks water.[6]

Rodrick Rüles (2022 film)[]

He appears in the Winter Talent Show segment as a beatboxer, along with some other teenagers.


Frank sent Rodrick to pick Greg up from soccer, but because Ward was sitting in the front seat, Greg was forced to sit in the back. Greg says Ward believes professional wresting is real. Ward comes to Löded Diper practice even though he doesn't play any instruments. When Greg complained to Ann when they got home, she said he has to respect Ward because he is a guest.[7]

Greg overheard Rodrick and Ward talking about their number 1 paper slips which were a gimmick to deceive girls into thinking that they were the first to a party.[8]

Rodrick told Greg that he couldn't sit in the passenger seat because he has a guest. Greg thought it was Ward but as it turns it's Ellie, a stuffed elephant, meaning Rodrick just didn't want Greg to sit with him.[9]

After Uncle Clyde's departure from the Heffleys' home, Rodrick spends the night at Ward's house, opening the basement for Greg and Rowley Jefferson.[10]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (film)[]

As an illustration in a deleted scene.


  • In the online book, the logo on his shirt shows a surprising similarity to the WWE logo.
    • This may be because of Ward's interest in WWE or his name, which begins with the letter "W".
  • The Old English name Ward derives from an occupational surname for a civil guard or keeper of the watch.
  • He is always shown wearing a black shirt that says “SECURITY” on it.
  • It is unknown whether Ward remains a member of Löded Diper after Battle of the Bands.




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The Deep End[]

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