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Victor is a character that appeared in Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories in The Science Project

Victor lived in a time when technology wasn't invented yet. he wanted a pet. So m, he read books all the time. One day he asked his parents for a pet and promised his then thar he would his pet out three times a day but they both declined.

One day, there was a science fair at his school and since he was smart, he believed he would win.

But a girl named Lizzie Leggot won instead, and Victor made another science project after he left school and next year he made a project called "Can electricity bring the dead to life?" and he didn't want to lose twice.

He tried to bring the dead guy to life with electricity and he won this time! Resulting in him taking his project home and attempting to ditch it in the cemetery. That was until he picked up a stick and played with his project who he dubbed “Frankenstein” or Frankie.

He got home and told his parents that he won the science fair and they let him keep Frankie as a reward, as long as he took him out three times a day.

The two of them were famous and Frankie got sad when Victor eventually passed away.

After Victor passed, Frankie went to get and education in first grade, until he skipped a few grades and did the science fair and won just like Victor.



  • Victor is just a strange version of Greg Heffley and they look identical, but Victor has glasses and Greg doesn't because Victor is just like Greg because maybe he's a parody of him