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Vice Principal Roy (known as Mr. Roy in the online book) is the present vice principal of Larry Mack Junior Middle School (Westmore Middle School in the movies). He appears throughout the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, with his latest appearance being in No Brainer. In the film adaptation of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, he is played by Raugi Yu.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

Vice Principal Roy removes Greg Heffley's fabrications of Marty Porter, ruining his probabilities of becoming treasurer.[1][2]

Rodrick Rules[]


Chirag Gupta complains to Vice Principal Roy about the Invisible Chirag joke and so he reprimands Greg to the front office. Vice Principal Roy gives Greg a speech about “respect” and “propriety” and he obliges him to apologize; however, Vice Principal Roy misapprehends the identity of the student making it easy for Greg to apologize. Vice Principal Roy is pleased with Greg's apology, and he permits Greg to proceed with a pat on the back and a lollipop ahead of Chirag.[3][4]

Cabin Fever[]

Cabin Fever18

During the Anti-bullying Slogan competition, Vice Principal Roy had to intervene to stop it from developing into a full-scale rampage.[5] When Greg and Rowley complained to Vice Principal Roy about Nasty Pants harassing them, he couldn't assist them since Nasty Pants wasn't educated at their school.[6] Greg produces a newspaper to advertise his holiday bazaar however Vice Principal Roy confiscates his papers after he unloads them onto students.

Cabin Fever146

Greg and Rowley accidentally deface the school while attempting to promote their bazaar[7] and Vice Principal Roy holds an assembly about the incident; he states that a student knew who was involved and that he was going to arrange a locked box for them to send an anonymous tip. The police head to the school and Vice Principal Roy begins calling the worst troublemakers to the front office so he could discover the culprit.

Cabin Fever150
Cabin Fever151

The next day, Vice Principal Roy calls Greg to his office and he extracts an anonymous tip from Rowley disclosing that he was the offender. Greg explains himself and Vice Principal Roy tells him that he should've confessed earlier so his punishment was to scrub the green dye off the wall. While Greg cleanses the green dye, he asks Vice Principal Roy to purchase steel wood pads but Roy instructs him to persist with the bleach. Once Greg arrives home, he discovers that Vice Principal Roy reported him to the police and he starts fretting that they will return soon.[8]

The Third Wheel[]

Vice Principal Roy catches Greg offering a Elevator Pass to a kid with a money

Vice Principal Roy declares that there will be an election to substitute the present School Council and that one of the guidelines was that a student can't possess 3 or more detentions. Greg feels that this guideline was directed right at him as he just received a third detention from Vice Principal Roy for vending a counterfeit Elevator Pass to new students.[9] During the ballot, Vice Principal Roy calls Bryan Buttsy to the podium and everyone begins making obnoxious sounds.[10]

Prince Pantsed

Pantsing turns into a huge issue during Phys Ed and when Vice Principal Roy scolds the boys for it, he gets pantsed from under the bleachers. The student manages to escape before Vice Principal Roy could capture him and he later becomes notorious as the Mad Pantser.[11]

Hard Luck[]


Mrs. Merritt catches Greg using a Magic 8 Ball during a test and she escorts him to Vice Principal Roy's office as she believes that he was cheating. Vice Principal Roy is a little confused but he takes Mrs. Merritt's complaint solemnly and calls Susan to his office. Susan manages to bail Greg out but then Vice Principal Roy opens up his documentation and he states that his grades have cascading. Vice Principal Roy then startles Greg by informing him that if his grades didn't improve, he will need to head to Summer School. Greg is incertain if Vice Principal Roy was just attempting to frighten him but he says that if he was, it worked.[12] Vice Principal Roy hands Greg back the Magic 8 Ball however it was now damaged making it pointless.[13]

Double Down[]

Balloon Brigade

Whenever a student returns in their balloon during the Balloon Brigade contest, Vice Principal Roy marks how far it traversed on the map. At the end of the event, Vice Principal Roy calculates the interval between each balloon and whoever's traversed the farthest wins a prize; this time the award is a huge jar of candy corn which is present right inside Vice Principal Roy's office.[14] Vice Principal Roy performs a countdown on his bullhorn leading up to the launch and everybody releases their balloons.[15]


After a few days, Greg begins to fret that if nobody returns in their balloon, Vice Principal Roy will reserve the candy for himself.[16] Soon after, Greg locates his balloon but Vice Principal needs the balloon in order to verify it.[17] Greg manages to acquire back his balloon and he wins the huge jar of candy corn from Vice Principal Roy.[18]

Big Shot[]


Vice Principal Roy permits the janitors to participate in Field Day.[19] Later, Vice Principal Roy catches Jesse Range obtaining his payment for collapsing during the fifty-yard dash. Jesse averts getting suspended by disclosing to Vice Principal Roy, the students on the wagering plot.[20] After the events of Field Day, Vice Principal Roy declares that everybody will gain a no-school day due to the majority of classes cheating.[21]

No Brainer[]

While Greg is handling a dispute between the C-wing renters, Vice Principal Roy interrupts by calling everyone to a special assembly. [22]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010 film)[]

Vice Principal Roy only appears in the TV advertisement for the Safety Patrol and when he announced that Zoo-Wee Mama was the winning comic in the school newspaper. He wore a grey suit and a tie.


Mr. Roy didn't allow Greg to take off his name on the ballot the day before the Student Council elections.[23]


In the book, he has a round head, a similar hairstyle to Frank Heffley, a beard which covers most of his mouth until the starting of his semi-circle nose. He has ears which has a dot a curved line besides them that resemble the insides. He wears an old-fashioned buttoned suit with a bow tie and trousers and shoes about the size of Greg's. In the film, he appears to be Asian.




Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

The Third Wheel[]


Big Shot[]


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  • Vice Principal Roy is the only character to keep their original name in the online version. (or their online name)