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La-Chi Cha-Chi Cha-Cha!
Greg, trying to join in with the girls dancing

The Valentine's Day Dance is a middle school dance that was attended by Greg Heffley, Rowley Jefferson, and many other students. It took place during The Third Wheel, acting as the focal point of the book.


The Third Wheel[]

The dance is a major plot point, acting as the main event of the book. The dance was not organized by the teachers but by a group called the Dance Committee. Weeks before the dance, the boys thought that it was boring, but then when the Candy Grams came, all of them were excited about being asked and pretty much got a girl with them for the dance.

The theme for the dance is the "Midnight in Paris" theme. Uncle Gary volunteered as the DJ and was also selling the "Boston" shirts. Luckily for Gary, the lights were off, so the kids didn't know they were getting ripped off. A couple could have a photo taken in front of a backdrop of Paris. There was a long table with punch, snacks, and strawberries to dip into a chocolate fountain.

During the dance, Greg and Rowley Jefferson went with Abigail Brown as a dance group because her boyfriend, Michael Sampson, couldn't come due to family obligations. The dance, however, turned out to be a disaster:

At around 7:50 PM, some senior citizens from the Senior Center came into the gym, and shortly after there were many of them. A teacher asked them what they are doing there, and the Seniors said they reserved the gym for a meeting. Then one of the teachers, Mrs. Sheer, said she reserved it for a dance two weeks ago, and the seniors said they booked it two months ago and had paperwork to prove it. Some of the members from the Dance Committee got into the conversation, and to Greg, it is going to get ugly. Just before a fight broke out, Mrs. Sheer said the seniors can have the meeting on the other side while the kids can dance on the other. But the partition idea pretty much ruined the "Midnight In Paris" theme thanks to the Seniors and Gary's "Boston" T-Shirts were discovered. Everyone who got the T-Shirt asked Gary for their money back, but Gary distracted them by turning up the music high and everyone hit the dance floor.

When the people were dancing, Greg finds out that a boy would try to break the Girls' big group, but only to be bounced off by the girls. Just then, a senior went to the dance side and told Gary to turn the music down because it was too loud, and he turned the music down by around 80%. Now, everyone could hear what the seniors said in their meeting, but some of the girls took out their music players and kept on dancing. The boys, however, had enough of having their best behavior in front of the girls for that long and they started getting crazy and ruining the dance. The teachers tried to calm them down, but they didn't stop. And all the latecomers that were coming were turning back once they saw what was happening.

Meanwhile, Greg saw Abigail talking with her group of friends, and they all went to the women's bathroom. Greg tried to see through the men's bathroom next door to see what they are talking about, but he gets distracted by the noises. He then went to go to the stairs, but the Mad Pantser struck again there and pantsed Rowley.

Later that night, Michael Sampson came holding hands with Cherie Bellanger. Michael had thought that if he said he can't come, Abigail will not come. However, Abigail spotted him and both of them don't know the other person was there. Heartbroken, Abigail started crying a lot because she knew that Michael was cheating on her. Her group of friends confronted her and attempted to cheer her up.

At the same time, the Senior Center meeting ended, and they came over to the dance to take over. They even ate all the snacks. Since there were no strawberries left to dip in the fountain, the kids started sticking their fingers, but the teachers ended up shutting the fountain down because a kid lost his contact lenses there and Mrs. Sheer had to fish it out. Even the music was ruined because the seniors made sound requests. Greg's cologne also started attracting old women, which made him hide in the corner. He knows that the dance was a disaster and hopes it will be over quickly. But just then, Ruby Bird stared at Greg and started moving towards him. Luckily, Greg saw Abigail come out of the bathroom and grabbed her hand to get out of the scene.

The dance ends with a final song announced by Gary. While dancing with Abigail, Greg spotted some pimples there and thought it was chicken pox and screamed out loud. That caught everyone's attention. But it was revealed that Abigail had makeup on which when she cried, washed off of her. Greg, Rowley, and Abigail then left the dance.

Rowley and Abigail Brown became a couple as revealed in Hard Luck and it was even mentioned the couple's table became emptier since almost all of the couples broke up after the dance. As for Greg, he didn't get a chance to go with Abigail and knew that Rowley took his idea of the dance.