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Fregley after coming in out of nowhere

The Valentine's Dance is a dance at Greg Heffley's middle school that takes place in the middle of the school day. It is mentioned in Rodrick Rules and appears The Last Straw and the online book.


Rodrick Rules[]

Greg Heffley says that he might not get a partner to the dance due to his reputation as the Stealthinator.

The Last Straw[]

It was announced that the school would be having its very first dance. It was supposed to take place at night, but it was put smack in the middle of the day because they couldn't get enough chaperones. After hearing this, many kids got excited as this was the first-ever dance that is happening. For Greg, this is his chance for him to interact with Holly Hills. He digs through his dresser and finds a good shirt, but it had a jam stain on the left, so he remembers only to show his right side to Holly Hills.

The day of the dance came, and people who didn't pay two dollars for the dance had to go to the "study hall". The others sat in the bleachers, one side boys and one side of it girls. The dance turned out to be boring, as it has old music that kids weren't even listening to these days, such as the hokey pokey.

The principal then announced that people must dance and that it would be worth 25% of their phys ed grade. Greg knew that he is flunking the skill and knows that it was time to get serious. He came up with a move that is easy and would technically qualify as "dancing". However, a bunch of guys who were worried about their grades started copying Greg. Greg went to the other side so he could dance without having a bunch of copycats.

Just then Holly broke from her pack to get a drink, and Greg sees his chance and tries to go there and say something to her. But then surprisingly Fregley came out of nowhere and become hyperactive because of the sugar of the cupcakes he had eaten and shouted, "Boogie!". This ruined Greg's chance with Holly Hills for the dance as it ended a few minutes later.


It plays the same role as it does in The Last Straw but the song is replaced by zip-a-dee-doo-dah.




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