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V.I.P. Lawn Service was a lawn mowing company Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson created to pay off an $83 fruit smoothie bill to Rowley's dad, Robert Jefferson during the events of Dog Days.

Greg brainstorms ways a kid like him could make some money until deciding to create a lawn service that takes lawn care to the next level. After a failed attempt at buying an ad in the Yellow Pages, Greg and Rowley started designing their own ads. They went down to the corner store and edited their heads on a birthday card with 2 buffed men, then printed it out.

Dog Days54

Greg calculates that it will cost a couple of hundred bucks to make enough flyers for the entire neighborhood and asked Robert if he could go out and get what they need. Robert banned them from using his computer and printer, so they went out and showed the flyer to a bunch of people in person. The next day they waited until 11:00 for a call from their first customer, Mrs. Canfield, who was a friend of Greg's grandmother. Despite not having their own transportation nor a reference and having to borrow a lawn mower from Gramma's house, they got the job. Greg tells Rowley that he should start first, which was enough to make him quit the job, seeing Greg's manipulation.

Dog Days63

However, Greg did not get paid because he avoided all the dog poop on her lawn due to his strict dog poop policy. Frank Heffley did the remainder of the work and didn't even ask for the money. Greg says it didn't go exactly as he planned, but he put a sign in front of her yard. He didn't get anymore calls though and Greg wondered if Mrs. Canfield badmouthed it to her neighbors. Greg said he could start up the company again as V.I.P. Snow Removal during the winter.[1]




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