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  • I live in On earth.
  • My occupation is Helping out with this wiki.
  • I am Male
  • Rainbow Dash1

    This is a timeline of the WAM Score on this wiki.

    1. June 28- 76.14
    2. June 29- 76.15
    3. June 30- 77.27
    4. July 1- 79.04
    5. July 2- 80.73
    6. July 3-81.47
    7. July 4-81.40
    8. July 5-80.36
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  • Rainbow Dash1

    Well I was kinda bored, so i thought of checking out the WAM Score for us. And you know what? Its not that bad! We don't need more users we need more edits to clean up this wiki. Keep your hopes up!

    Look at out WAM Score!

    76.14 isn't that bad you know.


    • Reach 80 (WAM Score) (Achieved!)
    • Reach 85 (WAM Score)
    • Reach 90 (WAM Score)

    To see the wiki's WAM Score Timeline, please click here.

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  • Rainbow Dash1

    Good Job Everyone

    June 20, 2014 by Rainbow Dash1

    According to the Quick Stats on the wiki, we're doing pretty good!

    What we just need is some more photos.

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  • Rainbow Dash1

    Wimpy Kid Movies

    July 14, 2013 by Rainbow Dash1

    Jeff Kinney created three movies that were based on Diary of a Wimpy kid Books, (Rodrick Rules), (Dogdays), < this one was based on The Last Straw and Dog Days. I wonder if Jeff Kinney will be making more movies on the other books of Wimpy Kid.

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