From May 10th to 13th, I will be in Boston, Massachusetts with my dad mainly to attend an event in the nearby town of Cambridge for part of a day. I will also spend a lot of time in Boston, exploring the area as I have never been to Boston or the state of Massachusetts before.

During the trip, I am not sure which day during it exaclty, I will also be visiting the town of Plainville, the town in which Jeff Kinney lives, to visit his bookstore, "An Unlikely Story" that is also located there.

I will be flying to and from Boston, as I live in Colorado if you didn't already know.

I will share some pictures from the bookstore either within 24 hours of visiting the bookstore or shortly after I return home from the trip on the Wiki, which anyone will be welcome to use within the Wiki.

I also know Jeff Kinneys address thanks to Google Maps, Google Street View, Online Public Records and photos of Jeff Kinney outside his home in some news articles. If he isn't at the bookstore during that time, I might have to stalk him, so I can meet him. (Just kidding. It's probably illegal to stalk someone you don't know personally at their home, so I definitely won't be doing that. Although I do have his address, no joke. I won't give his exact address for various reasons, but to prove I have it, he lives on Bridle Path in Plainville, MA)

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