The wikia is stsrting to become trashy due to inactive admins which are the people who can do things like delete pages and as a result many pages aren't deleted that need to be. Also it takes a bit of time to request a user to be banned elswhere on wikia which gives the user time to screw up the wikia before there banned. I have a few things I think should be done to fix the wikia. Anyone else who has ideas be sure to share them.


1. ACTIVE ADMINS-We don't really need more admins, we need active ones. Either admins become active or more are added so the other admins can stay inactive. Whatever it takes to have active admins. Without more admins pages are deleted making the wikia become trashy, some important steps aren't taken to fix the wikia, parts of the wikia like the front page become super out of date, etc.

2. MORE ACTIVE CONTRIBUTORS-We need active contributors, but not as much as active admins. The whole point of wikia is to allow anyone to edit wikia's and almost every page on any wikia. We need more active contributors to allow the whole point of wikia to be done, so that vandilism will be quickly removed, pages needing to be deleted will be put up as needing to be deleted, grammar can be fixed, etc. Also without active contributors important pages that are needed to be added will often not get added until a while after they should have already been, and when they are added they usually won't be edited soon after there made or nearly at all.

Feel free to share your own ideas and your thoughts on my ideas. Thanks-miles854

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