When I came home from school today Mom wanted to have a talk with me.She told me that I didn't have a good enough responsibility for things.I didn't exactly know what she was talking about until she told me She signed me up for baby sitting kinder gardeners.I invited Rowley to tag along so I didn't have to face It alone.Well this pretty much stinked all the kids were so hyper and it took us a long time to calm them down.But I did come up with a great Idea if a kid throws toys at us I use Rowley as a shield the thing is we were going to take turns "Is it your turn yet?" said Rowley "No,not yet" said Greg.When Mom came in the kids were out of control running around everywhere.I guess Mom saw what happen between me and Rowley because the next day she said that the kindergarden was a bad idea.


When I woke up this morning there was in unpleasent smell.I thought maybe Rodrick learned a lesson from not showering in weeks.One of his friends gave him this contest if he could go five days without a shower.But actually a skunk found their way into our house.Dad told us the skunk was gonna have to go so he asked for my help to get the skunk out.He told me to get the bag we were gonna put the skunk in but when I came back the worst thing happen to Dad.He got sprayed by the skunk,He was kinda upset with me because I didn't actually go outside to get to back I had to go inside so that made dad really mad,I stayed quite when he was talking to me and had a nervous grin on my face..Rodrick lost the contest and took a shower because of how bad things can actually smell.


Today Dad had to take a bath in tomato paste.But when Mom was starting up his bath and finished putting the tomato paste in Dad got ready for his bath.But Manny was sitting in the bath tub with Tomato Paste all over his mouth.After than Dad got ready for his bath then when he was finished he drove away.Mom always gets suspicious when Dad drives way.He was gone for about 2 hours.But all dad did was mail a letter,visit gammie then go to a resturant.I guess Dad shouldn't have said the resturant part because mom announced that family's stick together.


Today when I was in the bathroom I got a scary surprise on the wall at school it said "Fregley was here" It kinda got me worried because I ditched Fregley a long time ago.I had no idea were he'd show up or if this was another prank.I made it through the hole day without Fregley than all of a sudden at the end of the day on my way home.Fregley was being chased by the Whirley Street kids but It was just a game of tag.They don't actually know Fregley.I tried to hide in the bushes but then one of the neighbors dogs came and starting poking their head in the bushes then Fregley looked in the bushes and found me.Before he could even say anything I ran out the bushes and went home but Fregley came chasing after me.I made the wrong mistake because Fregley is a really fast runner and he was throwing peebles at me every time he'd catch up.But Eventually I made it home safe.After what happen today I need to find someone that can protect me from Fregley.


Today It was annouced that school was going to have a Halloween Party .It had me at Lock In,because I had one Last year and that's the last lock in I'll ever have.But what really caught my attention is that I heard a few girls talking at Lunch saying Holly Hills is going to the Lock In just to be with here friends.When I gave a Lock In paper to mom I didn't know that It said anything about Chaperones needed from 7:30 PM to 8:20 PM.When It started we all had to sit in a circle I tried to sit next to Holly but Rowley was in the way.I tried over a million times to get Rowley to move but he doesn't like sitting on places of carpets were there are humps.Mom came up with this "Great Idea" we should all do a reading contest and read lots of books and whoever wins gets a pencil.Which Stinked every year each a boy and a girl does a raffel to see what movie they want to watch.I was kinda sad lost because I did this really good tricked were a give a dozen raffles with my name on it.But Rowley won the raffel and all the boys and girls had to sit around a watch 50 minutes of "Joshie on tour" I was relifed for that movie to be over and I didn't mind watching this movie called "Pajama Party".Then it was time for bed.I didn't want to repeat what happen a few months ago in the lock in so I curled up into a ball and slept as far as possible in a corner it was nice until Rowley came and joined me not that I did like Rowley's company but He got this song from the Joshie Dvd stuck in his head and sang it for a while.I really forgot Chaoerones were needed from 7:30 PM to 8:20 PM and it was only 8:00 PM.Then Mom grabbed a seat and read all the kids a good night story one of those old ones you hear in daycare or Preeschool.After than Mom went home.I finally though it was time to go were the girls were in the libraray.I curley up under the Librarians desk to see what was going on but I noticed how cold it was so I wrapped up into my sleeping bag and fell asleep.I have no idea what went on when I was asleep but I woke back up in the Autitorium were the boys sleep.It was about 2:00 AM so I did not like this lock in anymore so I woke Rowley up tried to open the door as hard as we could then went home.


Today School had a two hour delay.Mom couldn't be there she had to go to work and take Many to school so she told me in 2 hours she wants me to stop playing video games and get ready to catch the bus.So I called up Rowley just to have to fun because Rowley's parents stay home no matter what.But then Rodrick came down stairs and thought about how many things he could do in 2 hours.I didn't want to be apart of any of Rodrick's ideas or plans so I just went and Played video games.An hour later Rowley went back home but I kept playing Video games.Me and Rodrick really lost track of time because at 4:00 PM we just found out those 2 hours have been up.We though Maybe we could run to school but as soon as we opened the door Mom had an angry look on her face she told us she was not happy about the phone calls at school.She told me and Rodrick were going to have to make up for what we did and do all the homework we missed.After that Mom went to watch tv.Dad walk into the house angry just like Mom he said we were going to be cooking hamburgers on the grill tonight as a punishment.Actually me and Rodrick should be happy we didn't get a video game or TV ban.The thing is when we were making dinner Me and Rodrick didn't actually know how to grill burgers.Well i'm not as bad as Rodrick,Rodrick doesn't even make his own toast or pour his own cereal.


If you remember on Friday mom wants me to have more responciblity so babysit Manny.Let me tell you that Manny is a terrible sitter.When I finally went to sit him while Mom,Dad and Rodrick were gone but it ended up that Manny was hiding somewhere the hole time,I didn't actually know where he is.He turned up half an hour later but he was hiding in the basemet the hole time.I took and break for a little while and grabbed a popsicle and watched tv for a little bit but when I got up to see Manny he was dunking his hands in the toilet playing with his toy cars so I pulled Manny and started chewing him out but from the look on Manny's face I was speaking a different laungage.

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