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    September 25, 2015 by Jonny Mole

    A weird thing I have noticed is, we have barely 3-4 active contributors, even though we have like 3000-4000 views every day.How could this happen? We used to have so many users back then just a few months ago and now he have just a handful of them.I still can't understand how this wiki has become dead in time and there are almost no active admins, except for me and Giant Bubbles.Also everybody I met back in 2013 and 2014 have left the wiki since a long time and barely any new users have come, those who came, left instantly.

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  • Jonny Mole


    September 22, 2015 by Jonny Mole

    I believe that the infoboxes which we are currently using are very simple,old and dull as compared to most other wikis.They also have very less information.Like for example this one below.If anybody has any suggestions to improve this infobox then please comment.

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  • Jonny Mole

    6 Years

    December 11, 2014 by Jonny Mole

    Today it has been six years since the wiki was created by Zooper1 on December 11, 2008.Over 800 pages created and over 1,500 images have been uploaded since.We currently have a wam score of 86, being 573, having peaked up to 377 once.

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  • Jonny Mole

    I'm short-listing some categories that need to be used since we have too many categories and many even mean the same.

    First with the same meaning ones:

    • Category:Grownups shouldn't be used, instead Category:Adults.
    • Category:Kids and Category:Children,well its not good to have two different categories meaning totally same, well I don't know which one to exactly use, since Kids is more used in Wimpy Kid but Children is more
    • Category:Senior Citizens should be used instead of Category:Old Characters as it sounds better.
    • Category:Coaches should not be used and instead only Category:Teachers since there are a very few articles that will come there.
    • Category:Manny's Imaginary Friends should be removed and Category:Imaginary Characters should be used.
    • Cat…
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  • Jonny Mole

    It is not about edits

    December 29, 2013 by Jonny Mole

    Becoming an admin must not be just getting a certain number of edits but its helping the wiki,showing faith to the wiki,fight vandalism if there is any,make constructive edits ,have proper grammar,do spell checks of their edits if they think something might be wrong and show respect to other users and mind their language.This is the message to the admins granting the rights and the users who are asking for adminship.It's not like if you have that if you have x number of edits then you will become an admin, you might not even become if you have a thousand or a million unless much of them are constructive and if you have a lot of edits, but they are just small edits like adding categories or just adding small unimportant details.Also if you …

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