I have seen a confusion on which language is acceptable and which isn't. I shall explain.

Language that is acceptable: Language such as "Darn, Heck, Fart, Butt, Rats" that is not polite but not profanity is acceptable. Such G-Rated lang is allowed.

Language that is more or less no: "Idiot, Moron, Jerk" and other insults are okay if you use them to describe a character- that is acceptable. If you use them to insult a user is... Not really. If you use this far too much, and exclusively to attack users, you will be blocked for 6 months Another example is MILD profanity, (though not real), are "Damn, "Hell" and "Crap", are not highly explicit. Forgive me if you think I am allowing profanity but this is not profanity. But, if you use it to attack other users-Block for 6 months. Basically such language is acceptable on this wiki. And I want to tell you something. If such lang is used in the book, it can be used in this wiki. (Though it is not). Such PG and maybe in some rare cases, PG-13 language is okayish under certain circumstances.

Language that you CANNOT use. Forgive me, even if I do not use it openly but you will get blocked if you use it too much. Use of the F-Word, S-Word, B-Word, or anything similar will get you blocked for at least 1 year. I won't go further. Such R or NC-17 rated language is bound to get you blocked-if you use it too much.

I hope you learned from my post.

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