Hello, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid fans, this is Concernedalien11780. I have been a fan of the books ever since they hit my radar in 2007, and while I haven't read after Book 7, I still find the series to be very good. While certain aspects of the middle school years are either downplayed or exaggerated at times for the target youth audience, the books are one of the more accurate looks at growing up. I think that it's OK that Jeff Kinney made Greg unlikable more often than most youth-novel protagonists because he wanted to show just how bad kids can be when they want to be. Kids are often very unempathetic to those around them without trying to be, and they just think that they're doing what they have to in order to get what they want. This doesn't make them bad people, it just makes them real people. The diaries are written from Greg's perspective, which explains why most people besides Greg are depicted unfairly in the diaries. Maybe if spin-off books told from the perspectives of other characters were to be released, we'd receive a better-rounded depiction of everyone, and we'll be able to see the cast of characters as more than what Greg sees them as. Just throwing it out there, Jeff Kinney. While this wiki is not exactly underdeveloped and I wasn't immediately considering putting it on my final list unless people responded to what I had to say, I may add this to my final list of wikis to consider devoting much time to, seeing as how a recent update stated that the wiki is shortstaffed. I disabled comments in case people try to start flame wars over the merit of Greg as a character, so if you have anything to talk to me about, please do so on the message wall of my userpage. Thank you for reading, and see you on the wiki. 

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