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Name Unknown43
ukw (if you're really lazy)
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Joined January 28, 2020
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Unknown43 (colloquially known as Unknown) is a FANDOM user and Diary of a Wimpy Kid reader who regularly contributes to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki. He has made over 2000 edits on the wiki since his account's creation in January 2020, as well as numerous comments and community blog and discussion posts.

Unknown has been an admin and a content moderator on the DOAWK Wiki since September 1, 2021.

General PSAs

Don't message me directly about an issue you have on the wiki if it doesn't pertain to me specifically. Instead, make a blog or community discussion post about it. That way it gets more visibility and the other mods and admins can help out if I happen to not be available.

If you see a page for an actor that's just a description and maybe a picture, put in an InfoActor template and fill it out accordingly. A lot of the actor pages are missing infoboxes and I'm trying to fill that gap.

A lot of the pages with InfoCharacter templates don't display properly because of the new changes made to it (i.e. nothing for the name and the new boxes for statuses and stuff are also blank). I'm currently in the process of updating every InfoCharacter page, so feel free to help out! :)



  • Update every page with the InfoCharacter template
  • Fix minor issues with the CSS, such as:
    • The tabber colors, which are way too light in dark mode
  • Settle whatever's going on with gender captions
  • Fix the mod and admin requesting system and also the archive


  • Complete foreign translation page
  • Align cases of all categories so that they're all either title case or sentence case, whichever's better
  • Write up properset of wiki rules and guidelines
  • Add the InfoActor template to all the actor pages
  • Add DEFAULTSORT for everyone with last names
  • Unify hatnote template styles


  • Writeups and revamps for multiple character pages
  • Change/update the InfoCharacter template
  • Create "Info-" system templates (e.g. InfoAnimal, InfoActor) to accommodate different types of people and characters
  • Clean up homepage
  • Fix InfoCharacter tabber system that doesn't wrap and just stretches the infobox