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One of my Wimp Yourself photos


Hello contributors! You can call me A.G Man. I made this account on June 3rd 2013. I first visited this wiki in 2012, and in June 2013 I made my own account. Even though I made this account much later from when I first visited this wiki, I am a big regular. I also became a rollback on 27 June, 2013. I became an admin on 17 July, 2013. If any violations are made, report to to me or the other active admins: User:Jonny Mole and User:Master ventus .

Things I DO

  • Movies(especially Cris Nolan ones)
  • Supercars! (Especially the Koeinisegg Agera and The Pagani Huayra, i don't know which one is my favorite)

    That's me ,guys.

  • Top Gear
  • Formula 1
  • Phineas And Ferb


This user thinks Fregley is really disgusting! Fregley.jpg
I'm not wearing hockey pads likes Manny! Mannynew.png
I'm not wearing hockey pads hates the Watercress Salad! Screenshot 2019-04-24 at 4.13.37 PM.png
I'm not wearing hockey pads thinks the books are better than the films. Diary of a wimpy kid.jpg
I'm not wearing hockey pads is a male. Male man.jpg


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