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The Upper Surrey Street Clans were clans created by the inhabitants of Upper Surrey Street after seeing Greg's "unsuccessful clan" in Book 13, "The Meltdown". This caused the Upper Surrey Street Intermediate Period.

List of Known Clans[]

  • Greg's Clan (Wolf/Axe Flag) Rowley Jefferson and Greg Heffley
  • Baby Gibson's Clan (Pacifier Flag) Baby Gibson, Later Greg and Rowley
  • Garza Twin's Clan (Two-Headed Monster flag) Garza Twins
  • Evelyn Trimble's Clan (Vampire Bat flag) Evelyn Trimble
  • Latricia Hook's Clan (unknown, needs future edit) Latricia Hooks
  • Marcus Marconi's Clan (Sandwich-Shop-Open Sign flag) Marcus Marconi
  • Ernesto Gutierrez's Clan (Fire-Breathing Dragon flag) Ernesto Gutierrez, Gabriel Johns
  • Joe O'Rourke's Clan (Unknown, probably solid black flag) Joe O'Rourke
  • Unknown #1 (3 play blocks, labeled 1,2,3 flag) Unknown, baby other than Baby Gibson
  • Homeschooled Kids (Without Flag) Homeschooled Kids
  • Anthony Denard's Clan (hammer flag) Anthony Denard
  • Marlee sisters' Clan (spear) Marlee sisters
  • Unknown #2 (explosion or bang flag) Unknown, someone Rodrick's age