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This unnamed recording studio is located downtown on Plainview. It is where Löded Diper recorded their song, Diper Överlöde in the book with the same name.

Greg Heffley decided to tag along with Rodrick Heffley and his bandmates to the downtown recording studio to record for their album. Greg said there was one room with a bunch of computers for engineers and a band room with a lot of instruments. The first thing Rodrick and his bandmates did was playing with every instrument.

Diper Överlöde49

Eventually, Rodrick gathered the band together and decide which song they should record. Rodrick thought they should have at least one track with swear words, so they could get a Parental Warning sticker on their album. Mackie argued they shouldn't record a song with swear words because he wanted an album that his mom could enjoy. But Rodrick told him if they were making music for Mackie's mom then they might as well quit now, which lead to a fight between Rodrick and Mackie. After they cooled down, Bill said they should record Can You Smell Us Now as their first song because he liked the line, "We're leaking your speakers like a chocolate cow" but Drew said the line didn't make sense which resulted with Bill going after Drew.

Diper Överlöde54.2

Everyone was tired of arguing, eventually they agreed to record Diper Överlöde. While Drew and Bill argued about song lyrics, Mackie accidentally dropped his pick into the hole of his acoustic guitar. The guys spent a long time trying to get the pick out but when Drew did, it dropped into Bill's throat but Mackie manages to get it out of Bill's mouth.

Diper Överlöde56

Everyone picked up their instruments and the engineer hit record. But after Diper Överlöde's intro, Bill started chocking because of the pick, he recovered and made it through the rest of the song after somebody got him water. After they finished recording Diper Överlöde, the engineer told them their time was up and had to come another day.[1]




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