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These two unidentified individuals are Spanish speakers who helped the Heffley family return home from their road trip in The Long Haul.

After the Heffley's minivan tires got flattened, the two guys saw them stranded on the road and drove their purple van towards them. Greg thought they were the Beardos trying to get revenge until they got out of their van. Being thrilled to know that they were trying to help them, Susan and Frank attempted to communicate with them in Spanish, but since they didn't know any of the language, they looked like they lost their mind. Manny Heffley then surprised everyone by speaking in fluent Spanish as because earlier when Susan put the CD with Spanish Lessons, Manny was the only one who was actually listening and thus he learned Spanish through it. He tells the two guys about everything had happened on the trip, which makes them feel bad for them, so they towed their van and gave them a ride back to their house. During the ride, they made a stop at the Happy Petting Zoo, as Manny had requested them to get The Pig back.[1] As a way of saying "thank you" Susan later gave them their boat.[2]

In the film, they are replaced by a man called Luis.


  • Given estimations made based off of illustrations of them, both guys are most likely between 5' 5" (165.1 cm) and 5' 6" (167.64 cm) tall. However, this is only conjecture, as their height has never been definitively stated within the series.




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