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The following content contains references to graphic and violent death.
Viewer discretion is advised.

Did you hear what happened last summer? My brother knows a guy whose second cousin's half-brother went on this ride and got decapitated.
A girl talking about the victim to another girl

This unidentified Cranium Shaker victim is a boy or man who is mentioned to have been decapitated while riding the Cranium Shaker in the Dog Days movie.

Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson first hear about the victim by overhearing some fellow Amusementland park guests. One of the guests says her brother knew a person who's second cousin's half-brother went on the Cranium Shaker and was beheaded. The operator at the booth confirms this story and says that the victim caused this by rocking the car back and forth and says that the victim's head wasn't there when he came back down. He is never mentioned in the book.


  • It's likely that this person's death is a hoax due to the ride not shutting down after the death. However in many cases, rides have remained open after people have died due to the deaths being caused by riders' ineptitude. However, the employee confirmed he worked at the park the day of the incident.