“It's true. I was working the ride that day. The car came down and his head... wasn't in it. Oh, and uh, when you guys get to the top, be sure not to rock the car back and forth. That's how...”
―The Cranium Shaker operator

Unidentified Cranium Shaker Employee


Cranium shaker man.png

Name Unknown
Age 16-20
Gender Male.png
Actor Amitai Marmorstein
Film Appearance? Yes
Online Appearance? No
Book Appearance? Yes

The unidentified employee was a Cranium Shaker employee at The Boardwalk fair who strapped Greg in the ride. Not much is known about this employee. In the book, he has long straight hair and facial hair. In the film, he has dark brown wavy hair and has a cold gaze. He confirms the fate of the Unknown Cranium Shaker victim and says he worked the ride on the day the victim died.


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