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Underpants Bandits is a fictional children's book series that's written by Mik Davies. It focuses on two boys named Bryce and Brody, who go back in time and steal underwear from historical figures so they can put them in a museum. There are 24 known books in the series, and it appears in The Long Haul[1] and Double Down[2].


The Long Haul[]

While at the back of the car Greg reaches for his backpack so he can get the Underpants Bandits books out to entertain himself. Greg talks about the concept of the books and says that while it sounds ridiculous it's actually pretty funny. The books are super popular with boys and the teachers hate them for the "rude humor".

Parents don't like the books either and during fifth grade at Greg's school the PTA had a meeting where they decided that parents' tax dollars shouldn't be used to purchase any new Underpants Bandits books in the library so when Greg came back to school from spring break all the books were gone. The ban however made the books more popular, and kids snuck in copies from home and sold them to other kids. In fact, one kid brought in a bootleg copy from Japan and while Greg couldn't understand a word of it, he could tell what was going on from the pictures.

Greg says he actually wrote a fan letter to the author, and he would check every day from school if he got a response from Mik Davies. However, when he got a response almost a year later, he just got an advertisement for the 24th book in the series. Greg says that while the experience left a bad taste in his mouth, he still likes the books and doesn't think any less of the author.

Double Down[]

While talking about Spineticklers, Greg says that the last series that was popular at his school was the Underpants Bandits however he says those fell off. In fact, when Greg saw a kid holding an Underpants Bandits book last week, an eighth grader gave him an atomic wedgie. Greg said he didn't get involved as he didn't want problems with the bully.


The following is a list of all known books in the Underpants Bandits series:

  • The Original
  • Shakespeare's Skivvies
  • Napoleon's Britches
  • Cleopatra's Panties
  • Gandhi's Undergarments
  • An unnamed book that revolves around Vincent Van Gogh
  • An unnamed book that revolves around Leonardo da Vinci
  • Lincoln's Longjohns (the upcoming twenty-fourth book in the series)


  • This seems to be based on the Captain Underpants book series by Dav Pilkey, due to the authors' similar names, rude humor, and the word, "Underpants" in the book title. The sequence featuring the parents trying to get the books banned is a jab at parents who complained about the toilet humor in the actual Captain Underpants books. 
  • The books may also be a spoof of Time Bandits, a 1981 British fantasy film. Both include characters going back in time to steal things.
  • In the Japanese version of the book, the bootleg copy of the untitled Underpants Bandits book with Leonardo da Vinci is written in Chinese.
  • It is Greg's favorite book series.




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