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Whattya say, Blue?
Charlie teasing Greg Heffley

Uncle Charlie (known as Uncle Freddie or Freddie Heffley in the online book) is Greg's great-uncle who is a recurring character early on in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. According to Greg, he is his "secret weapon" during Christmas and his birthday as he gets him anything he wants, overriding his parents' permission. However, multiple times throughout the books he is also shown to be clueless, barely ever understanding what Greg wants.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

When Greg was seven, he wanted a Barbie Dream House and asked Charlie for one. But Charlie got him a Beach Fun Barbie because it was the first toy he saw that had the word "Barbie" on it.[1]

During Christmas, Charlie gives a present to Greg who anticipates it to be a Twisted Wizard game. This got Greg excited as the only things he got for Christmas so far were clothes and books. He happily ripped it open only to realize that it was just a picture of Uncle Charile. Greg didn't hide his disappointment which angered Susan.[2]

The Last Straw[]

Charlie gives Greg a Laundry Hoop for Christmas that's supposed make putting away dirty clothes "fun". After Greg unwraps the present, he tells him he doesn't do his own laundry and he should instead return it and give him cash. However, Susan thinks it was a good idea and says Greg from now on has to do his laundry. So, Greg ultimately gets a chore from Charlie for Christmas.[3] Greg later gets caught wearing his Speedo bathing suit during school but thinks the incident could've been a lot worse if he had chosen to wear his Wonder Woman Underoos that were brought by Charile during the morning.[4]

Dog Days[]

Greg says Charlie frequently uses a deluxe leather recliner to watch TV.[5]

The Ugly Truth[]

When Greg saw Charile at Gammie's house he was happy to see him because he always has his pockets stuffed with candy for the kids. However, Greg says didn't always like him as he used to have red pajamas and whenever Charile saw Greg, he'd call him Red. Greg didn't like it and made Susan take him to the store to get some different coloured pajamas. The next time Greg saw Charile he thought he had him beat but it took him three seconds to come up with a new nickname which was the new color of his pajamas.[6][7]

Cabin Fever[]

Uncle Charlie in Cabin Fever

Charlie in Cabin Fever

Greg says that he has decided not to have any kids because he wants to be a bachelor like Charile who spends all his money on vacations and heated toilet seats instead of forking it other to a bunch of ungrateful kids.[8]

The Long Haul (film)[]

Charlie makes a cameo on a photo frame in one of the animated scenes.


In the online book, he takes the boys to the pet store and promises them each a pet which Ann didn't entirely support. He buys the boys an aquarium and their fish.[9]


  • In the original online version:
    • Charlie was originally named "Freddie".
    • His hair was a bit shorter than it ends up being in the books.
    • He was implied to be a relative through Susan's side of the family, because he stayed with Susan's mom after Thanksgiving.
  • He hasn't appeared in the series since Cabin Fever, where it's revealed that he owns a motorcycle.
  • Even though he's a relative through Frank's side of the family (in the books at least), he wasn't at the Heffley family reunion, due to being at Byron Heffley's house.
  • Charlie's nose is drawn slightly differently on page 118 in Diary of a Wimpy Kid.



Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

Dog Days[]



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