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Twisted Wizard (known as Twisted Wizard: Black in the online book) or confusingly referred to as Twisted Warlock in the movies by Frank Heffley is Greg Heffley's favorite video game. It appears throughout the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

Twisted Wizard was the only thing Greg truly wants for Christmas. After a couple of letdowns, Greg is excited to see Uncle Charlie who gives him a gift that matched the size of a Twisted Wizard game. He was heavily disappointed to find out that it was just a picture of Charlie.[1]

Susan Heffley then gives her present to Greg. The box was way too big to be a Twisted Wizard game, but Susan had tendencies to wrap small presents in big boxes before. So Greg rips open the package to find out it was the giant wool sweater that they gave to The Giving Tree Guy. Susan was confused, but then Greg realized that there was a mix-up, and he got the giving tree guy's sweater and the giving tree guy got Greg's video game. Susan thinks it's a Christmas miracle since the guy got such a wonderful gift, but Greg tells her that he would need a game system and a TV to play Twisted Wizard, which means that it was useless for him.[2]

At Rowley Jefferson's house, Greg realizes Rowley got the game for Christmas and decides to play it until Robert Jefferson finds out the violence of the game.[3]

The Last Straw[]

When having to come up with a name for their soccer team's, Greg suggests naming their soccer team the 'Twisted Wizards' so Game Hut would sponsor them because of Twisted Wizard 2 coming out. Everybody on the team thought that was dumb and named it the "Red Socks".[4] Later on, in the book Greg plays Twisted Wizard 2 at Rowley's until his parents kicked them out.[5]

Dog Days[]

When Greg prays one of the things, he wants is to get past the third level of Twisted Wizard without having to use any of his bonus health packs.[6] Later, at Game Hut they are having a competition where you play Twisted Wizard and if you win you get to advance the national playoffs and if you win that you get a million bucks. Greg finds out and calls Rowley and tells him about the contest. Later at night they go to Game Hut with camping supplies for the night, so they get a good spot in the line. In the tent while Rowley was sleeping Greg ate some energy bars and had chocolate all over his hand, Greg crawled his hand through the tent and scared Rowley to believe it was The Muddy Hand but Rowley grabbed a mallet and smashed Greg's hand. Greg was mad and was about to shout at him but the Game Hut Guy came. During the Twisted Wizard death match, Rowley ends up winning by 15-0 because Greg's thumb was so messed up by the mallet that he couldn't even hit the buttons on the controller. Rowley gets to choose between going to the national tournament or getting chocolate covered raisons and he picks the latter one.[7]

Old School[]

When playing Kick the can, a game that adults always talk about playing, Greg and Rowley get bored after about 30 seconds and Greg asks Rowley if he wants to play Twisted Wizard which Rowley agrees to.[8]

Double Down[]

Greg talks about how when he gets older whenever he discovers something new his mind purges something old and wishes that he could choose your brain gets rid of as he's completely forgotten the cheat codes for Twisted Wizard, yet fully recalls the time, he frightened Frank after he came out of the shower.[9]

Wrecking Ball[]

Greg says one day people will turn his childhood home into one of those places' schools visit and that they are going to want all the stuff he had growing one of them being a Twisted Wizard poster.[10]

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid[]

In the chapter the time me and Greg came up with our own superhero, it was raining outside, and Greg wasn't allowed to play video games because he lost his temper playing Twisted Wizard.[11]


Twisted Wizard played a similar role in the online book as the early books of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. On the 20th of September, Greg was eager to play Twisted Wizard, a game he had been playing for 5 days straight. He mentions Twisted Wizard doesn't save your progress meaning Greg had to leave it on at all times. But when he returned from school, Ann thought Greg had accidentally left his game on and deleted his progress seconds before Greg could prevent it.[12] Greg said next time he's gonna put a piece of black tape over the power light.


In the Poptropica island Wimpy Wonderland, you can play Twisted Wizard. In the game, you are a wizard who has to cover himself with blocks and has to prevent monsters from destroying a fortress. If they destroy it, you lose. This seems to be similar to Turn Based Strategy games made for PC. This may be due to the fact that the Poptropica version was designed to be played with a mouse.


Twisted Wizard has been portrayed with many different types of gameplay. In the 2010 film, it is portrayed as a dragon fighting game with Nintendo 64-lookalike graphics, in the Dog Days film, it is seen as a different 3D game, and in the 2021 film, it is portrayed as a 2D game where you cast spells at your opponent, jump and block.

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