Twisted Wizard (or Twisted Wizard Black in the online book), is one of Greg's favorite video games. He was going to get it one Christmas, but his present was mixed up with a present for the Giving Tree Guy, so his mom bought him a new copy of Twisted Wizard. Instead of getting Twisted Wizard, he got a sweater. According to the online version, his mom bought him a replacement copy, but only after Greg wrote all his thank you notes. It is a game using a machine similar to a Sony PlayStation 2, and is described as being "impossible to save" in the online version of the first book. However, in the movie, it is clearly a Nintendo Wii game. In the movie it is obviously a fantasy game, it seems to have some form of currency (shown in the bottom-left corner of the players' screens), and it seems to have been inspired by Skyrim and The Witcher series of games, since all of them have similar elements, and all belong to the fantasy genre.

Greg always beats Rowley in Twisted Wizard, with the exception of Dog Days, where Rowley injured Greg and hindered his ability to play, thus beating him in a competition held at Game Hut and winning the "grand prize" of a large box of chocolate-covered raisins or a chance move on to the national championships.


In the Poptropica island Wimpy Wonderland, you can play Twisted Wizard. In the game you are a wizard who has to cover himself with blocks and has to prevent monsters from destroying a fortress. If they destroy it, you lose.



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