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Troop 133 (known as Troop 42 in the online book) is a Wilderness Explorers troop five miles away from Greg Heffley's neighborhood. It appears in The Last Straw and plays a major role in the Dog Days movie.


The Last Straw[]

Greg describes Troop 133 as a more of a informal group, focusing on having fun instead of working seriously. He claims that they lots of pool parties and barbecues in the past and going easier on kids unable to keep up with the work ethic. When he joins Troop 133, he tries to get certain badges. These badges could be achieved by doing activities. Greg and Rowley start flipping through the merit-badge book to see what they should work on. Rowley wanted to do hard activities but Greg denies to do something hard and says that they should start with something nice and easy, so they chose to start on Whittling. But they start to struggle to carve a block of wood and Rowley gets a splinter. Greg asks Mr. Barrett if they carve on something less dangerous. So Mr. Barrett gives them to carve a bar of soap instead. Greg and Rowley carved the soap into a figure which looks like a sheep and for his next creation, he just turns the figure upside down and hands it back as the Titanic ship.

Dog Days (2012 film)[]

Greg finally goes to Wilderness Explorers to prove to Frank that he doesn't need Spag Union.

Greg goes on a Wilderness Weekend with Rowley, Fregley, and Chirag. Frank is still upset with Greg, and they silently ride the bus to the campsite without talking to each other. They are driven away from the campsite by Stan Warren and his troop. Greg's troop is sent over by the latrines, and they tell ghost stories. Fregley tells a story about the Muddy Hand, and a paranoid Greg accidentally bangs Frank's hand with a mallet. Greg, Rowley, Fregley, and Chirag overhear the Warrens making fun of Frank Heffley and his troop. The boys angrily devise a plan to get back a Stan Warren. They plan to make a web and cover it in honey and then get ants to put in the Warrens' sleeping bags, where they'll be chased off into the web and trapped. Greg goes into the tent to plant the ants and discovers that the Warrens' have a whole bunch of technology with them and aren't camping. As Stan is coming back, Greg hides, but the ants get lost and crawl all over him. Greg ruins the Warrens' tent and sets it on fire. Greg takes the blame, and Frank finds all of the equipment and technology they were using and calls Stan a phony, realizing that Greg and his friends were telling the truth. As for Stan, he falls into the trap and is chased by bees and a bear. Frank takes Greg to a motel where he admits to hating camping. Frank tells Greg that he's proud of him and won't send him to Spag Union. While Greg and Frank were watching TV and eating pizza, they are dismayed when they find out the Lil' Cutie comic strip was not canceled and is going to be continued by Tyler Post, the original author's son.


It was known as Troop 42. It plays a similar role as it does in the book.


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Troop 133
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