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Trevor Nix is a character who appears in The Meltdown, being a major antagonist of it. He used to live on the top of Surrey Street, but he and his family moved to a bigger house on the Lower Surrey Street. However, the Upper Surrey Street kids won't let him sled down their hill, as they think of him a traitor for moving and the Lower Surrey Street kids still consider him a hill-person and wouldn't let him go outside to play, resulting in him having to stay inside year-round.[1]

During the snowball battle, the Upper Surrey Street Kids saw him running towards them from a couple of houses to the right side of their fort. They were ready to pelt him with a round of snowballs before recognizing him as Trevor, and they held their fire. He was seen running and waving them to get their attention and was out of breath after he ran and could barely get his words out. After he got himself together, he said that the Lower Surrey Street Kids had been holding him captive, but somehow he managed to escape, and that they were creating a huge stockpile of snowballs in the Guzmans' yard, and after dark, they would launch a full-scale attack. Everyone was pretty mad about the Lower Surrey Street Kids were planning, they were glad that Trevor had given a heads-up. They told him that from now on he can sled on their hill anytime.[2]

They agreed they couldn't wait just sit there and wait for the attack, so they started working on a a plan. Half of them would sneak down the hill and launch a surprise attack on the kids making snowballs in the Guzmans' yard. The other half would stay back to protect the fort. They sketched the plan in the snow with a stick to make sure they were all on the same page. Greg and Rowley wanted to be part of the sneak attack team. Their group loaded up a few sleds with all the snowballs they had left, and they slipped over the back wall and between some houses. It was getting dark by now, so they knew those guys wouldn't be able to see them coming. When they reached the Guzmans' yard, they stopped and scope out the scene. Sure enough, there was a big group of kids making snowballs at the front by a rock wall. When Baby Gibson gave the signal, they launched the attack. However, the other guys didn't flinch when they hit them. And when they got closer, they realized they fell into a trick. The Lower Street Kids had created decoys to split them up, and that means they were double-crossed by Trevor. It turns out that Trevor agreed to help the Lower Street Kids in exchange for being accepted by them, as he was tired of being in his house all day.[3]

They went back to the wall, but by then it was too late because the Lower Surrey Street Kids had destroyed their fort and the wall was in ruins. Towards the end of the story, he is seen playing hockey down at the bottom of the hill with the Lower Surrey Street Kids every day after school, as they have accepted him.[4]




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