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Tower of Druids is a graphic novel series written by Kenny Centazzo that Greg Heffley got immersed into when the school librarian Mrs. Schneiderman replaced the Easy Readers section with graphic novels and comics such as the series[1]. It appears in Cabin Fever and the animated adaptations of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.


Cabin Fever[]

Susan Heffley tells Greg that he has to start purchasing Christmas gifts for the family with his own cash as he's getting older and his gifts need to "mean" something. Greg's strapped for cash but does have something valuable that people would pay money to purchase: A signed copy of the first-edition of Tower of Druids series. He got it signed at a comics convention in the city last year but not technically as he had a bathroom break during the signing of the book.

Cabin Fever117

Greg tells Susan his plan of vending the book but she refused it as she patiently waited a long time in line to get it signed and if he had kids they would be mad he sold it as by then it would be worth a lot more money.[2] Greg disregards Susan's request to not vend it and goes to the comic store where the store clerk tells him that the signature was forged. Greg initially doesnt believe it, but after the clerk shows him what a real signature from Kenny Centazzo looks like, he starts to figure it out. On the walk home, Greg was bewildered as to how that would've occurred but eventually realized that Susan got fed up of waiting in line and decided to sign it herself. Greg surprised that he initially didn't find out when he saw the inscription. At home Greg enters Susan's room uninvitedly showing her the book and the appearance on her face just said it all.[3]

Cabin Fever214

Susan feels guilty about forging Kenny's signature on the book and decided to get his book signed genuinely this time. However Kenny misheard Greg's name and wrote "Craig" so Greg hopes he can find a wealthy guy named it and sell the novel to him for a pile of cash.[4]

Animated films[]

In Greg's room there's a Tower of Druids poster that makes multiple cameos throughout the films.




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