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Timothy Ames is one of the boys who stayed in Greg Heffley's cabin at Hardscrabble Farms for a week during the events of Old School.

Greg would first meet Timothy with Rowley Jefferson's and his cabinmates at Hardscrabble Farms.[1] During the whole trip Timothy would participate in the group's activities mostly being unsuccessful. After the rope course, Timothy needed to use the bathroom before the group could untie the knots making Greg stand next to him with the door wide open.[2] During the group's last two nights Timothy along with Emilio and Jeffrey manages to get a hold of Robert Jefferson's phone and watches some videos of screaming goats until the phone died limiting Robert and the group's knowledge on dealing with the final night outdoors.[3]

He would also join the raid towards a girls' cabinet to steal their deodorant however was eventually caught by Mrs. Graziano forcing her to call in an emergency chaperone, Frank. At the last night when Greg was going deep into the woods for sticks to fuel their campfire Timothy and the rest of the group stayed behind being too scared to follow Greg because of the story of Silas Scratch. It started to rain and with lack of heat the group got desperate and threw in everything that was burnable. When Greg came back with Frank, he sneaks them into their cabin where Timothy would spend his last night fully recovering just the next day.




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