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Jeff Kinney


Jeff Kinney

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Jeff Kinney




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Publication date

Original - March 19, 2010 Rodrick Rules - March 25, 2011 Dog Days - August 3, 2012 The Long Haul - May 9, 2017


199 (Original) 215 (Rodrick Rules) 247 (Dog Days) 199 (The Long Haul)

The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary is a book about how the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie was made. The book was released on March 16, 2010. In this book, you will find out how Greg Heffley started, how the whole movie was made, where the movie was filmed, and other aspects of the movie. The book's color is white. Also, the book features a scrapbook at the end which features scenes from the movie. It is dedicated to Zachary Gordon and Robert Capron. There is a re-print of the book about how the Rodrick Rules movie is made along with the first movie as well. Unlike the usual Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, the texture is different.

Rodrick Rules Edition

A new and updated version of the book was released on February 15, 2011. The new edition has pages a few pages of how the second movie, Rodrick Rules, was created. It includes pictures from the movie, and behind the scenes pictures. In behind the scenes, we learn that Zachary Gordon (Greg Heffley) secretly pinned clothes pegs on crew members backs, so as revenge, after Zach's last recording the whole crew give him a piece of his own medicine.

These extra features are at the very end of the book. The cover of the book is the same, except it has a blue circle with Rodrick's head in it above the cheese.

Dog Days Edition

In the month of July, a Dog Days edition of the Movie Diary was released. It includes extra pages with behind-the-scenes for the third movie. It also features a new cover.

The Long Haul

Unlike the first three, this book only provides information about The Long Haul, and is a separate book rather than an edition. In the book, the Beardos have three sons, but in the movie they have two sons and a daughter. Patrick Kinney (Jeff Kinney's brother) makes an appearance. Jason Drucker's Dad appears as a fan dressed in a Twisted Wizard costume. Jeff Kinney the author of Diary of a wimpy kid runs a booth at the player expo. Has a design of orange and has Manny on the cover as well of Greg. This book came out on May 9th, 2017. This book is also called The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary: The Next Chapter. This is the first Movie Diary with a new cast featuring Jason Drucker, Charlie Wright and more.


  • The Next Chapter shows that Fregley and Chirag were originally going to appear in The Long Haul film