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Jeff Kinney


Jeff Kinney

Cover Artist

Jeff Kinney




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Publication Date

May 1, 2011

The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book is the revised and expanded edition of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book, released on May 10, 2011, nearly 3 years after the original. The hardcover version contains 16 new pages of full-color comics (bringing the total up to 32) and contains 60+ pages of new pages. It also has a new cover. But due to there being new pages, the pages where you write your own journal has decreased since the new book had 45 pages of writing your own journal, while the old one had about 80 pages of it. It is also the only version you can now buy.

New Pages

  • What's in your brain?
  • Predict the FUTURE
  • Which would you RATHER DO?
  • Draw up your FAMILY TREE
  • Draw your DREAM HOUSE
  • Record your FINEST MOMENTS
  • If you had a TIME MACHINE
  • The SCOOP on your CLASSMATES
  • Come up with your own catchphrase
  • In case you get AMNESIA
  • Probing QUESTIONS
  • Design your own SANDWICH
  • Create your own SPORTS TEAM
  • Form your own BAND
  • Write your own SONG
  • Design your own TOUR BUS
  • Plan the ultimate ROAD TRIP
  • Take a friendship COMPATIBILITY TEST
  • Draw Your BEDROOM the way it looks right now
  • Design your own SHOES
  • All-Purpose EXCUSE MAKER
  • Pearls Of WISDOM
  • Design your own HAUNTED HOUSE
  • Create your own TOURNAMENT
  • What do you see in these INKBLOTS?
  • Newer comics include Creighton the Dinosaur, Gareth the Green Bean: Gareth runs for office, Action Comix, Gareth's Revenge, and some comics mentioned in the other books. Then it shows a couple pages of Rowley's Diary.


To promote the book release, Jeff Kinney made the contest on the Wimpy Kid Website. Over 3,000 comic entries were made and sent to Jeff Kinney. The first place winner ends up with a New Jersey kid named Chudney Patterson. Chudney's comic was also in the DIY Winners page, which is at www.wimpykid.com\diywinners. There are also 20 runner-ups on the page, making 21 winners in total.