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The Vault is a clear bulletproof glass box that is designed to keep phones and tablets away to limit screen time. It appears in The Deep End where Susan Heffley sees it from an ad in one of her parenting magazines and buys it.

Susan brings The Vault to the Heffley family's roadtrip and during it Greg Heffley and Rodrick Heffley were bored so they went on their electronic devices. After an hour of screen time, Susan tells them to put away their devices however they get back on them again when she's not paying attention, so she uses The Vault to lock their devices for two hours. Greg and Rodrick try to crack it but fail to do so forcing them to do Susan's activities that she created for the trip.[1]

Later on, in the trip when the Heffley's settle into their camp site at the National Forest, they start using their devices again, so Susan threatens to put them in The Vault for the rest of the trip leading to them turning off their devices and going on a hike.[2]


  • According to the ad, The Vault can have a timer from ten minutes to ten years. It's unlikely however the device can actually set a timer for up to ten years due to the sheer absurdity of doing such a thing to simply limit screen time making it possible the ad was exaggerating its effectiveness.
  • On page thirty-nine, there is a slit on the top where you are supposed to put electronics, however on page forty, it shows no slit.




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