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Upper Surrey Street Kids hiding in their snow fort

The Surrey Street Wall is a snow-wall created by Upper Surrey Street to stop The Lower Surrey Street Kids from sledding on the hill during The Batle of Surrey Street. It is in The Meltdown. Its remains also later became a shelter for Rowley and Greg.


Upper Surrey Street Kids attacking Lower Surrey Street Kids in the fort with snowballs

The Wall spanned the width of the street (and maybe the front yards, too) at the border (the point where Surrey Street begins to elevate and become a hill.). There were small gaps between the houses and the ends of the wall, which were heavily protected. It consisted of a double-wall that may have had a platform of snow between to allow the characters to look over, even though this may have been an error by Jeff Kinney which may have made the characters too tall. The little kids put icicles on the front and the homeschooled kids make snowmen to put on the platform, which allegedly made it look that there were more kids than there actually were. They also put flags from clan-conflicts before for no apparent reason. Tactically speaking, a wall curving inwards, attached to houses on each side would be better, but they had little time to think of such tactics.


The Upper Surrey Street Kids used rectangular bins to create bricks for the wall which they made two walls out of. They built it a very short amount of time, which might have been over-exaggerated by Greg.


Lower Surrey Street Kids destroyed Upper Surrey Street Kids snow fort

The destruction of the wall

During The Battle Of Surrey Street, The Upper Surrey Street Kids were double-crossed and sent half of themselves to a place which was actually a diversion and The Lower Surrey Street Kids ransacked the wall and brought it down as it had little people to defend it thanks to the diversion. Its remains later became a shelter for Greg and Rowley who had enough of the fight. The final remains were finally destroyed when a snowplow cleared the street a few minutes later.


  • Length- 5-10 meters
  • Width- 1-3 meters
  • Location- Surrey Street Border
  • Appeared in- Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown
  • Built By- The Upper Surrey Street Kids