The Superhero Training Academy was a day camp that appeared in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck and was advertised to "Unlock your child's inner superpowers!". Greg and Rowley wanted to enroll so they could gain powers to overpower and defeat Leon Feast and his friends, but they realized it was really meant to provide activities to young children after school. They were stuck there for a week and had to participate in childish activities, such as the wall smash station where children pushed down rubber bricks. Greg and Rowley only received lame certificates declaring them superheroes for normal deeds, such as good manners at snack time.


  • Since young short children are seen at the camp and Greg's certificate mentioned "snack time", it can be assumed that the program was targeted towards young children closer to Manny's age.
  • The font on the flyer is in the Comic Sans MS font.


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