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The Student Crier is a student-led publication at Larry Mack Junior Middle School that is noted for having exaggerated headlines. It releases an issue every Tuesday and it appears throughout the series, only being named in No Brainer.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]


No Brainer[]

Blisterin' Hot Chips' exclusive sponsorship with the school also includes product placement in the school newspaper and ever since then its become unreliable as to what is legitimate news or not. One of their advertisements claim that students are allegedly gaining popularity through their consumption of the brand, using Thomas Mayfew as an example.[1]

Later, a journalist of the student newspaper, Freddie Larkin, discovers about the school's potential closure by eavesdropping on the conference room and he distributes the news early to the entire school. The article alleges that the school is potentially going to shut down unless the standardised exam results improve and that all the students will be split up into two separate schools if it happens.[2] The student newspaper publicises the registration list for the new schools onto the school bulletin board[3] however the list leads to disappointment when it flips upside down due to Alex Aruda's parents enrolling him into a boarding school.[4]

When the school closes down due to low exam results, the student paper marks it with one final special edition.[5] After Larry Mack Junior reopens the school under his namesake, the student newspaper returns covering the news.[6]




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