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The Snurples, known as The Murples in Big Shot, is a children's TV show that Manny is shown to be watching in The Third Wheel. It is about anthropomorphic characters that speak in their own made-up language, and is Manny's favorite show.


The Third Wheel[]

Manny used to always talk in the language spoken from the show during dinner, causing confusion among the rest of the family. Susan lets Manny watch this show for hours a day, despite reading an article in the newspaper stating that The Snurples makes their language skills bad.[1] This is evident as Manny doesn't interact with anyone outside the house and only has imaginary friends. Manny's social skills later improve, as he finds a new friend named Mikey in Hard Luck.

Big Shot[]

The Snurples are referred to as "The Murples" in this book. Manny watches an episode in which a character named "Munchy Murple" eats a bowl of Rock Candy Crunch. This influences Manny to do the same.[2]

No Brainer[]

Manny is shown to have a Snurples lunch box that Greg takes to school.[3]


  • Their name, and the stars on some of their stomachs, are possibly references to The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss.
  • The fact that The Snurples sets children back in their social skills might be a reference to Flowerpot Men, a British children's television series from the 1950s that was rejected by parents because they thought the gibberish language that the characters spoke would tamper with their children's development.
  • It's unknown if The Murples is the same show or if it's a new show entirely. This could be an error on Jeff Kinney's behalf, or changed to allow the alliteration in Munchy Murple's name. It is also possible the show has a spinoff.




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