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Greasy Grimelicks

The Nutritionauts vs. The Greasy Grimelicks is a movie about healthy eating that was shown to Westmore Middle School Students for their assembly in page 92 of Cabin Fever. From the look of its poster, it hints that it might be a superhero based upon healthy-food items fighting with junk-food villains. After the movie was shown, the school removed all the junk food from the menu, since they did badly on the presidential fitness test.[1] The movie's plot is not shown.


The Nutritionauts[]

The Nutritionauts are the movie's protagonists, taking their designs from healthy food. Two are shown on the poster, having arms but no legs. Due to the lack of legs yet not being shown on the ground, the Nutritionauts are likely able to fly. One Nutritionaut takes his design from radishes, while the other takes his from apples. The name "Nutritionaut" comes from the Latin verb "Nutriō, Nutrīre" (which means to "foster") and the Greek noun "naútēs" (sailor).

The Greasy Grimelicks[]

The Greasy Grimelicks are the antagonists, taking their designs from junk food. The name comes from "grease" and "grime," the former of which is attributed to junk food and the latter of which gets attributed to disgusting things. Two are shown, and one takes his design from a hamburger, albeit with no mouth (unless one of the spaces between his buns is his mouth) and the other takes his from a soda can.


  • Considering the fact the poster showed anthropomorphic food, the film is most likely to be animated.
  • The hamburger is the only character shown to have no discernible mouth.



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