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The Neighborhood Tattler is a newspaper created by Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson in Cabin Fever. Vice Principal Roy confiscated the papers when Greg attempted to hand them at school, telling Greg and Rowley that they shouldn't tell people to get their newspaper if they're unorganized.

Newspaper Sections[]

Ask Greg[]

Ask Greg

This section featured Greg answering questions sent in by readers. However, Greg and Rowley couldn't get real people to ask questions, so they wrote fake ones. One is about a guy that wears socks with sandals, and another about ladies asking if Greg was single.


The Neighborhood Tattler comics

The newspaper also has a comic section with three known comics.


Drummies Pricing Scam EXPOSED![]

Page 1

The first article explained how the Holiday Bazaar was selling Drummies for over 6 times their retail value and also advertised Greg and Rowley's bazaar as an alternative.

Papa Tony's pizza stinks![]

Papa Tony's in The Neighbourhood Tattler

Greg wrote a review criticizing Papa Tony's. The first argument was how they stopped selling grape soda, so the alternative is root beer and Greg feels as it doesn't taste the same. Another aspect Greg disliked was how you can take as many napkins as you want, but now they only allow you to take two napkins, and if you get more Tony shoots you a dirty look. The restaurant also replaced many non-veg pizzas with veg pizzas, and how the soda machine doesn't work right half of the time. However, an advertisement coupon of Papa Tony's was printed right next to it.

Masked Hero REVEALED![]

Masked hero

The final article reveals that Greg is the masked do-gooder who shoveled the church sidewalk on Christmas Eve.

Kitten has a fun day[]

Kitten has a fun day

Rowley wrote an article about a kitten named Mittens having a fun day due to him struggling to find ideas. However, it was rejected by Greg as fluff material.


  • The newspaper was never mentioned again after Cabin Fever. While its status is unknown, it is possible that the paper was discontinued or on-hold.