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The Foot is a fictional horror movie created by Leonardo Laka, featuring an antagonist bearing the titular name. In the Rodrick Rules (2011 film), Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson watch this movie during a sleepover.


The film begins with a couple, Terence and Ingrid, entering an abandoned mansion and coming across a picture of a man with only one foot, piquing Ingrid's curiosity about his missing foot. Suddenly, Terence lets out a scream as he spots a foot bouncing around, startling both of them. The title card plays as lighting strikes.

In the following scene, the couple is preparing to go to bed when Ingrid suggests that Terence should clip his toenails. However, as he brushes his teeth, the foot unexpectedly lands on Ingrid's face, causing a frightful moment.

As the movie progresses, it shows one of the foot's victims, Terence, rushing to save a woman named Ingrid, but before the climax is reached, Greg decides to turn off the movie because Rowley is too scared to continue watching. Following the film's conclusion, Greg and Rowley attempt to sleep, but Rowley is suddenly startled by something in the bed, which he initially think is the Foot. However, Rowley and Greg soon realize that it is just Manny, Greg's younger brother, trying to sneak some of Greg's candy.

In the aftermath, Greg's parents punish him for selecting an "inappropriate movie" for the sleepover, presumably due to its scary content. The film provides a thrilling and spooky experience for Greg and Rowley during their sleepover, offering a blend of scares and humor that perfectly captures the essence of an entertaining horror movie night.


  • The movie is similar to "Hello, You're Dead", another fictional film that appears in Dog Days - Both films revolve around villainous bodily appendages that travel around killing people, and both are watched by Greg and Rowley in a similar fashion.
  • The reason why this replaced "Hello, You're Dead" in the 2011 film adaptation of Rodrick Rules was because the writers wanted that movie to be saved for Dog Days as it plays a big role in that book.
  • It is a parody of the 1981 horror film The Hand.
  • Despite Greg and Rowley being 12-13 in Rodrick Rules, this movie looks horrific enough to gain an "R" rating by the MPAA. The R rating is restricted to people 17 and over, so it is unknown how Greg got it on DVD. However, it could possibly be already owned by Rodrick.
  • However, we never get to see the whole movie, but the segment seen in the movie looks scary enough to gain a "PG-13" rating by the MPAA.