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The Essential Book For Young Lads is a book that appeared in Old School.[1]

Grandpa gave Greg this book while picking up items for his trip to Hardscrabble Farms. Greg said that the book was outdated, but he did not want to hurt his Grandpa's feelings, so he decided to take the book with him during the camp. When Greg found out that the other group had raided his cabin to find Graham's snacks, he used his baby wipes to clean up, and tried to flush it in the toilet, Most of the info in the book was “useless” according to Greg, save a few exceptions.

Known Activities[]

  • Potato Radio How to guide
  • Hiding Your Numbers
  • Waterproof lean-to shelter (mentioned)
  • Fire starting technique (unseen, mentioned)
  • Recognizing poison ivy (unseen, mentioned)


  • Greg used the book to instruct his cabin mates at Hardscrabble Farms to build a waterproof lean-to shelter. The page that Greg got the instructions for the shelter is never shown.
  • One of the children on the cover look very similar to Frank when he was younger.
  • The book was burnt by Greg's group as firewood when they got desperate.
  • Greg did not use the page on how to identify poison ivy (a page that is mentioned only) to stop Rowley or Rowley's dad, Robert, from touching or being near poison ivy, due to it being the day after they got sent home.
  • The book is a parody of the Dangerous Book for Boys series and its female counterpart, the Daring Book for Girls series.



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