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The Cheese is a moldy piece of Swiss cheese found on the blacktop of the basketball court at Larry Mack Junior/Westmore Middle School. The Cheese was never cleaned up which eventually transformed into a moldy piece of cheese leading to the creation of the Cheese Touch. It appears as a recurring antagonist in the first few books and films in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, it's first appearance being the online book, and it's latest book appearance in Double Down. However, it appeared in both the 2010 movie and the 2021 movie of the first book.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

The origins of the Cheese Touch began with the Cheese falling out of a random student's sandwich. The Cheese was never cleaned up, and eventually it started to decay. After staying put on the blacktop for months, a student named Darren Walsh touched the cheese, starting the infamous Cheese Touch game. It was taken very seriously, where some kids would do whatever they could to avoid the student with the Cheese Touch, and including their friends.[1]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid8

Greg staring at the Cheese

The aftermath of the wrestling unit causes the boys to wrestle everywhere they go including the blacktop near The Cheese. Greg predicts someone will roll over the Cheese and revive the Cheese Touch again.[2]

The Cheese Touch returned in the books and towards the end of the first movie, when the bullies that Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson encountered on Halloween show up after school, when no adults or teachers were around to stop them. They force Greg to eat the cheese, but Greg lies and says he is allergic to dairy, causing Rowley to have to eat it. In the first movie, when Rowley eats the cheese, the kids who are watching realize Rowley has touched the cheese but Greg takes the fall to save his friend, and the cheese touch returns. This same thing happens in the 2021 film.

Rodrick Rules[]

The cheese appears that represents Greg passing the Cheese Touch onto Jeremy Pindle.[3]

Double Down[]

The Cheese Touch has ended, and some kids at Westmore Middle School try to bring it back in the form of other touches, such as the Roast Beef Touch. This touch began after the teachers didn't want the nonsense to start again, and a kid ignored this, and then snuck roast beef onto the basketball court (where the cheese had been before). He then tells a nearby kid that they now have the Roast Beef Touch. However, it did not get the same effect as the Cheese Touch at all.


The Cheese plays the same role in the online book except Darnell Washington accidentally trips over the cheese, therefore touching it instead.[4]


  • At the end of the first book, Greg wants to protect Rowley from the fact that he ___ the cheese. Each time he brings it up, he removes letters from a key word, but leaves enough context for the reader to figure out what happened.
  • In the movie version of Rodrick Rules, as well as in Double Down, there is a dark stain from where the Cheese used to be.
    • Despite this, students still avoid the stain, indicating that touching or stepping on the stain could still cause the Cheese Touch.
  • According to The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary, the Cheese is the main antagonist of the first book/movie.
  • A moldy, sharp swiss cheese resembling the cheese can be seen in Igdoof strip 36.



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